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About Telesaver

India’s first cloud-based solutions for fixed and mobile, voice and data, local and global telecom expense management. As the number of mobile devices in your organization increases, so does the level of complexity involved in managing them. With Telesaver, enterprises can understand, control, and manage their entire Telco infrastructure in an automated way. Our solution helps in processing of your telco invoices and notifies of missing invoices and bill discrepancies.

When you will need us

  • When you are not in control of your Telco Cost
  • When you are forced to pay Telco Bills without knowledge
  • When you have multiple offices spread across the country
  • When your telco sends you a reminder for late payment
  • When your telco disconnects your office phones lines for non payment
  • When you want to setup a new office but not aware what is the best price

Benefits to your organisation

  • Reduce expense and mobile TCO
  • Optimize the cost and performance of your entire fixed-line voice and data network. 
  • Save money at a time of heightened scrutiny of telecommunications costs
  • Realize a one-stop, fully scalable, single-application solution for all your fixed, mobile voice and data needs.
  • Generate comprehensive, actionable business intelligence for decision support.

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